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Non-PDS (White) SKO

Special Cut Kerosene (LABFS)

HPCL is a leading manufacturer of Linear Alkyl Benzene Feed Stock (LABFS). It is produced in Mumbai Refinery.


HPCL is a leading supplier of Superior Kerosene Oil (Non-PDS) Ind. SKO is used in Industry in Precision Controlled Annealing & Heat Treatment Furnace, cleaning, drying, of metal surface, for lighting & as thinner.

Guidelines for Sale of Non-PDS (White) SKO to Parallel Marketers / Industries

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Govt. of India in the exercise of powers conferred under section 3 of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (10 of 1955) have amended the Kerosene (Restriction on Use and Fixation of Ceiling Price) Order, 1993 vide Gazette Notification 41 E dated 19.01.2015 G.S.R. 41(E) with a view to scaling up availability of Non-PDS (White) SKO to general Public. Consequent to changes made in Kerosene (Restriction on Use and Fixation of Ceiling Price) Amendment Order, 2015, the revised guidelines for sale of Non-PDS (White) SKO are listed hereunder. Interested Parallel Marketeers and Industrial Customers are advised to carefully peruse the above Acts/Orders and all amendments therein for strict compliance.

Parallel Marketers/Industrial Customers

  • SKO is used in many industrial applications like heating, cleaning, lighting, cooking, drying, thinner, etc. However, the use of SKO as a fuel or fuel additive in motor vehicles is prohibited.
  • Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketeer shall place an indent for a tanker load by remitting advance payment in the form of a Demand Draft/RTGS favouring Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.
  • Supplies shall be made on ex-MI (Main Installation) basis only and Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketer shall have to arrange a Tank Truck in good condition for the safe carriage of cargo in compliance with relevant laws.
  • Supplies shall be made at rates applicable for Non-PDS SKO customers. Price and Statutory levies as applicable and ruling on the date of supply shall be charged. Invoice will be made in the name of Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketer only.
  • Parallel Marketers should submit the KYC Form as per Annexure-I and indemnity bond as per  Annexure-II on one-time basis. Similarly, Industrial Customer should submit KYC Form as per  Annexure-III and indemnity bond as per Annexure-IV separately on one time basis.
  • HPCL reserves the right to amend these guidelines from time to time as appropriate