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HP Heritage

  1. Timeline Logo 1910

    Marketing Operations in India started by Standard Oil Company of New York

  2. Incorporation of Standard Vacuum Refining Company of India Ltd.(Stanvac)

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  3. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of 1.25 MMTPA fuel refinery at Mumbai by Stanvac

  4. Incorporation of Caltex Oil Refining India Ltd. (CORIL)

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  5. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of 0.65 MMTPA Fuel refinery at Visakh by Caltex

  6. Stanvac’s name changed to ESSO Standard Refining Company of India Limited

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  7. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of 165 TMTPA lube refinery at Mumbai by Lube India Ltd (JV)

  8. Formation of HPCL with the nationalisation of Esso, Caltex & Lube India

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  9. Timeline Logo

    Capacity Expansion of Mumbai Refinery to 5.5 MMTPA and Visakh Refinery to 4.5 MMTPA Commissioning of Mumbai Pune Pipeline

  10. HPCL becomes the first PSE to be listed on BSE

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  11. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of 3.69 MMTPA MRPL Refinery at Mangaluru (JV)

  12. HPCL Conferred with a Navratna status

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  13. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of Visakh Vijayawada Pipeline HPCL listed on NSE

  14. Capacity Expansion of Visakh Refinery to 7.5 MMTPA

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  15. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of 60 TMT LPG Cavern at Visakh by SALPG (JV)

  16. Commissioning of 9 MMTPA HMEL Refinery at Bathinda (JV)

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  17. Timeline Logo

    Commissioning of Mangalore-Hassan-Mysore-Yediyur LPG Pipeline

  18. Work Commencement for 9 MMTPA HRRL Refinery cum Petrochemical complex at Barmer (JV)

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  19. Timeline Logo

    HPCL Conferred with Maharatna status

  20. Recorded highest ever Profit after Tax (PAT) of Rs 10,664 Crore during the Financial Year 2020-21, crossing the Rs 10K crore mark for the first time

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A Walk Down Memory Lane
Stanvac House

Stanvac House

Esso House

Esso House

Caltex Refinery at Visakhapatnam

Caltex Refinery at Visakhapatnam

Mumbai Lube Refinery

Mumbai Lube Refinery

Mumbai Refinery

Mumbai Refinery

Lube drums on Boat

Lube drums on Boat

Esso Tank Truck on India's First Flyover in Mumbai

Esso Tank Truck on India's First Flyover in Mumbai

Esso Tank Truck on Howrah Bridge

Esso Tank Truck on Howrah Bridge

Esso Bombay Refinery

The Trombay landscape as it was before work started on the construction of the Esso Bombay Refinery.

modern refinery in India

Huge Bulldozers such as these were put to work to level the 280-acre area, the site of the first modern refinery in India.

large vessels into Position

Giant cranes were used to put large vessels into Position.

large vessels into refinery

Large vessels such as these had to be mounted on a 26-wheel lorry before being transported to the refinery.

The Refinery

The Refinery was dedicated on 5th June 1953 by Shri. G. S.Bajpai, Governor of Bombay.

VIP Visits

VIP Visits: The refinery went on stream on July 29, 1954. Shri K.C. Reddy, then Minister of Production, GOI, officiated at the formal opening ceremony on Nov. 19, 1954.

STANVAC Refinery

Administration Block of STANVAC Refinery in 1955

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister visited the Esso Refinery on June 5, 1955.

Esso Elephant Brand Kerosene Shop

Esso Elephant Brand Kerosene Shop in 1962

Esso Retail Outlet

Esso Retail Outlet at Mumbai in 1963

Military Transport Service

Refuelling of US Military Transport Service by Esso in 1963

10th Anniversary Celebrations

10th Anniversary Celebrations: Maharastra’s Chief Minister, Shri V.P.Naik presided over the 10th anniversary celebrations on July 29, 1964.

LPG Cylinders

LPG Cylinders being filled at the filling shed in 1966

HPCL's Logo on July 15

Unveiling HPCL's Logo on July 15, 1974

Inauguration of HPCL Car Care Center

Inauguration of HPCL Car Care Center at Napean Sea Road, Mumbai, 1976

Sr. No. Title Action
1. The CORIL Ordinance, 1976 (1.5 MB) PDF File View
2. The CORIL Act, 1977 (1.4 MB) PDF File View
3. CORIL Amalgamation, 1978 (896 KB) PDF File View
4. The Kosan Gas Company Act, 1979 (1.1 MB) PDF File View
5. Message from Former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi (58 KB) PDF File View
6. Genesis of HPCL Logo (748 KB) PDF File View
7. Petroleum House Story (347 KB) PDF File View
8. Visakhapatnam Revisited (2 MB) PDF File View
9. Caltex Circle - 10 years at VR (1.3 MB) PDF File View