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Engineering & Projects (E&P) department is responsible for HPCL’s infrastructure growth in terms of engineering & project management towards building state of the art Oil storage & distribution infrastructure including offices, residential complexes, data centre etc. for various SBUs of HPCL for meeting the organization’s future market demand and focusing on enhancement of productivity, quality and profitability; caring for customers and employees; caring for environment protection.

Who We are

We deliver state of the art capital Oil storage and distribution infrastructure for meeting the organization’s future market demand, in view of getting a competitive edge in the market.

E&P executes a wide variety of projects including Construction/revamp/expansion of petroleum oil storage & distribution facilities, aviation facilities, construction/renovation of Office spaces, residential complexes and construction of lube plants and warehouses. Our strategy is built on more than 40 years of leadership and a relentless adherence to safety and quality standards along with Project Timelines and cost.