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Vision and Mission

Delivering Happiness, at every step...

Our values lie at the heart of the organisation and mark the genesis of our vision and mission that steer the Corporation’s business and operations. We believe that performance is multi-faceted and needs to be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively, incorporating all the stakeholders and aspects impacted with reference to the current business dynamics.


“To be a world-class energy company known for caring and delighting the customers with high-quality products, innovative services across domestic & international markets with aggressive growth and delivering superior financial performance.

The company will be a model of excellence in meeting social commitment, environment, health and safety norms and in employee welfare & relations”.


“HPCL along with its joint ventures will be a fully integrated company in the hydrocarbons sector of exploration and production, refining and marketing; focusing on enhancement of productivity, quality & profitability,  caring for customers and employees, caring for environment protection and cultural heritage. It will also attain scale dimensions by diversifying into other energy-related fields and by taking up transnational operations”.

Our Values

An organisation is recognised by its value system which calibrates the behaviour of its employees and their professional endeavours and engagements. ‘HP FIRST’ crystallizes our Corporate values as an acronym where:

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