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PDS Kerosene

PDS Kerosene

Public Distribution System (PDS) Kerosene is an allocated and subsidized product. It is distributed to the customers through the Public Distribution System (PDS) network (Ration shop) of the State Governments/Union Territories (UT).

The quarterly allocation of PDS Kerosene to States/UTs are made by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoP&NG), Government of India. The quantity of PDS Kerosene allocated per Ration cardholder is decided by concerned State Governments/UTs.

As per Kerosene Control Order, 1993, No person shall use kerosene supplied under the public distribution system for any purpose other than cooking and illumination. Provided that the Central or State Govt. may by order permit any person to use kerosene for such other purposes as it may specify in the order.

Kerosene supplied under PDS Scheme is blue-dyed and is supplied to Kerosene wholesalers in Tank Trucks earmarked and painted “for supply of kerosene”

Non-PDS Kerosene

Consequent to the amendment of the Kerosene Control order vide gazette notification dated 19.1.2015, Non-PDS Kerosene (White Kerosene) is allowed to be marketed through the existing SKO wholesale dealer network. The detail in this regard can be obtained from the concerned Regional offices.

Parallel marketers/ Industrial customers requiring Non-PDS kerosene can refer to our Direct Sales(Industrial Customers)