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The Challenge

Ever wondered why the performance of your vehicle drops with the passage of time? The answer lies in deposits. Unlike Petrol engines, diesel engines depend on the injection of diesel fuel into heated compressed air, where diesel burns due to high temperature. For complete combustion of fuel, it is very important for the fuel injector to convert the fuel into a fine mist and distribute it evenly in the combustion chamber. Over a period of time, this leads to the formation of deposits on the injectors. As a result, the flow of diesel gets affected and fuel droplets in the mist become uneven in size and get unevenly distributed. This not only does lead to incomplete combustion but also results in increased deposits. Naturally, this hampers the power and acceleration of the vehicle and uses up more diesel. These deposits end up doing a lot of damage and lead to:

  • Blockage of Injector Opening

  • Impairment Fuel Spray Pattern

  • Unstable Idling

  • Loss of Torque and Power

  • Reduced Mileage

  • Increased Emissions

  • Increased Operation/Maintenance Costs

The Solution

The solution to the above challenges is TurboJet, a revolutionary diesel that continuously energizes your vehicle for optimal performance. TurboJet has been specially formulated to tackle the formation of deposits and other related problems in diesel engines. In fact, TurboJet not only removes the existing deposits but also prevents the formation of new deposits. Thus ensuring that your vehicle's engine remains free from deposits at all times and results in peak engine performance. However, it could take one or two tank fills with TurboJet before you notice any benefits. This is because it will take a little while before the existing deposits are cleaned and completely removed. You can be sure of one thing though, the consistent use of TurboJet will result in improved performance from your vehicle.

  • Keeps the fuel injector clean
  • Protects engines parts from corrosion
  • Prevents formation of fuel water emulsion
  • Reduces foaming
  • Enhances fuel pump life
  • Reduces exhaust emission
Certified By Experts

Additive used in TurboJet, marketed by HPCL, is tested in various international and national laboratories.

TurboJet (FAQs)

What is TurboJet?

TurboJet is a new generation diesel, which contains multi-functional diesel additives to keep your vehicle healthier-resulting in better performance, more mileage, easier acceleration and lower emissions.