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Mobile Dispenser

Mobile Dispensing / Door to Door Delivery of Diesel (DDD)

There is a considerable demand of HSD for stationary equipment like generator sets, earth moving equipment, heavy machinery used in construction sites, mobile towers, etc. and may not have facility/resource to store HSD or the equipment that cannot come to outlets for refuelling as defined by PESO. There is a demand from such customers for delivering HSD at their doorsteps.

Govt. of India under the aegis of Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry is promoting Start-ups for engaging new entrepreneurs in innovative business solutions. Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas also has envisaged the novel concept of reaching HSD to the doorsteps of customers by engaging Start-ups. In view of the above and to enable such Start-ups to engage in the reselling of HSD, a policy has been framed.

This scheme can be availed only by Start-ups registered and recognized by DPIIT, MoC&I. Start-ups will be required to register themselves as “DDD Resellers” of Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) and will also be required to sign an agreement with the concerned OMC.

The mobile dispenser is loaded from either supply locations or retail outlets where Dispenser loading facilities have been developed and delivered to the target customers. It may be noted that the mobile dispensers are replacing the old habit of delivering the HSD in barrels for such customers.

Demand has already started coming from various sections of society to extend the scheme to housing societies, parking lots or the fleet owners who don’t want to visit the retail outlets in view of various factors. Customers are also asking for the commencement of the scheme for Petrol also. However, as of now, PESO has not given a green signal to any such proposal. Mobile dispensers will be the new norm for supplies to all industrial Bulk customers in the days to come and it will ensure safe and secure fuel supplies to the end customers. In line with the stated objectives of the MOPNG, OMCs are enrolling the startups and encouraging them to occupy this market place. 66 Mobile dispensers are already enrolled under the HPCL umbrella as of 1st Oct’20. Facilities for exclusively loading Mobile Dispensers (MDs) are made available at 66 HPCL’s own locations and at 44 Retail outlets. Details of MDs and loading facilities are as per the attachment.

Some of the photographs of Mobile Dispensers are as below