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Marine Fuels

Marine Fuels


For over 25 years, HPCL has established itself as a reliable bunker supplier in India, supplying bunker fuel to the shipping industry at major Indian ports viz., Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Kochi, Vasco, Kandla etc.

Strengths of HPCL

Over the years, there has been major growth in waterway transport and International trade in India. This growth led to the increasing demand for marine fuels and services. HPCL has put in place a core group of technical experts for providing effective coordination of services and for the development of high quality and environmentally friendly Marine products.

HPCL has many firsts relating to bunkering operations in India. Some of these are:

  • First oil company in India to introduce Furnace Oil 380cSt meeting ISO 8217-2005 international standards
  • First company in India to introduce daily pricing for FO380cSt
  • First company in India to benchmark FO380cSt pricing with MOPS (Mean of Platts, Singapore)

In addition, HPCL

  • Has renewed its focus on upgrading / augmenting its facilities at virgin ports across India for ensuring availability and trouble-free bunker supply operations
  • Complies with IMO 2020 MARPOL ANNEX VI regulations
  • Caters to all types of new generation vessels
  • Supplies Duty-Free bunker fuel to vessels on international run
  • Supplies Duty Paid bunker fuel for vessels on coastal run

HPCL currently offers the following bunker fuels:

  • Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) - Meeting ISO 8217- 2017 specifications.
  • Marine Gas oil HFHSD (High Flash Diesel) - Meeting BIS specifications

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