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The location for setting up of dealership is decided by Oil Companies after studying feasibility and the locations are included in the Expansion Plan earmarking the reservation category for each location. Thereafter, HPCL releases advertisement for the locations identified. The candidates meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement can make application on the prescribed format. Eligible candidates are called for interview by Selection Committee and finalizing the dealer selection. Preference is given to the candidates who are willing to transfer land on long-term lease /sale to HPCL.

Capital investment required for setting up of a Petrol Pump outlet varies from location to location depending on cost of land, size of plot and facilities required to be developed to meet the requirement of consumers in the trading area of the outlet.

You may approach our Customer Service Cell operating at our Retail Regional Offices across the country. Address & telephone numbers of the Regional Offices are available on this website.

HPCL has got 62 Retail Regional Offices across the country. Please contact the nearest Regional Office for any further information on the Retail Business activities of HPCL.

As per the existing policy as advised by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas the percentage reservation for various categories in a Marketing Plan is as under:

Category Percentage
Scheduled Caste(SC)/Scheduled Tribes(ST) 25%
Physically Handicapped Persons 5%
Paramilitary/Police/Govt. Personnel 8%
Defence Personnel 8%
Freedom Fighters 2%
Outstanding Sports Persons 2%
Open 50%

For a location reserved for a particular category, only those candidates who belong to that category can apply as per the eligibility conditions defined in the advertisement released for inviting applications.

33% locations in each category are reserved for women belonging to that category. (In women category, preference is given to unmarried women above 40 years of age without earning parents and widows).

After identifying the location for setting up retail outlet/SKO-LDO dealership, HPCL releases advertisement in leading newspaper (one English and one Hindi/vernacular) inviting applications from candidates belonging to the category for which the location is reserved. The eligibility citeria, terms & conditions and procedures are described in the advertisement. After scrutiny, the eligible candidates are called for interview by a Selection Committee. Selection Committee announces name of the selected candidate on the close of the interview.

Application can be made only in the prescribed format for the locations advertised by HPCL. Completed applications have to be submitted to the concerned Regional Office within the time limit as stipulated in the advertisement. Unless advertisement for a particular location is released, applications are not accepted by HPCL.

Ans. You may approach the Customer Service Cells operating at our Retail Regional Offices across the country. Addresses & Telephone Numbers of Retail Regional Offices.