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E-Fuel Station

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) has over 17000 strategically located petroleum retail outlets, about 40% in the cities and balance on the highways and rural markets. All these outlets are either company-owned dealer operated (CODO), the company leased dealer operated (CLDO) or company-owned company-operated (COCO) or its variants. HPCL has branded its select retail outlets as Club HP on the brand promise of outstanding customer service and vehicle care. HPCL has automated all active retail outlets and all the new retail outlets are getting automated together with outlet construction.

The automation of fuel Retail Outlet operations leverages digital technology to help HPCL monitor fuel tank, every fuel dispensers and various quality parameters centrally controlled through HPCL’s Head office System. Real-time Data from all retail outlet is sent to the HPCL Central HOS system for further analytics and intelligent decision making. Retail outlet automation systems & Central HOS gives HPCL access to their sales volume, transaction data along with inventory management on a real-time basis. Role-based access to CHOS is provided to all stakeholders including dealers for remote monitoring of the outlet operations.

HPCL is effectively managing daily price change at their entire automated fuel station network on a near real-time basis and directly from a central location. Centralized price change at the retail outlet ensures correct pricing at retail outlets. HPCL also has introduced a central interlocking system at their automated outlets to activate & control pump operations after analyzing necessary conditions according to the situation. Rule-based interlock logic is developed for the RO system to bring transparency & discipline and ensure safety in retail outlet operations.

HPCL has deployed the payment solution integrated with forecourt/Retail automation so that the information of the transaction flows automatically in the payment terminal. In order to support the push of digital payments by the Government of India for providing convenience to the consumer, it has become imperative for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd to accept multiple forms of digital payments. HPCL Deployed Integrated Payment System enables HPCL RO’s to accept all forms of payment viz Debit, Credit cards, Bharat QR, BHIM, UPI, NFC. Single Omnichannel device is used for accepting all type of payment & form factors. IPS system integrated with RO automation system enables HPCL to achieve the following objectives

  • Improved customer identification to create customer-focused marketing & loyalty program
  • Reduced filling & billing time
  • Boost customer confidence and convenience
  • Secured Cashless Transactions
  • Integrated RO with 100% uptime
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Ability to create and implement programs focused on different categories of RO’s (City, Rural, Light services, Full services etc)