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About Bitumen

Bitumen is the heaviest material obtained from the fractional distillation process of crude oil. It is Black or Brown in colour and possesses waterproofing & adhesive properties. This material is further treated and blended to make different grades of paving grade bitumen. ie Bitumen VG-10, VG-30 and VG-40 and meets IS 73-2013 specification.

HPCL's Strengths in Bitumen

Manufacture: Manufactured at its Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam refineries and also at HMEL (Joint Venture Refinery of HPCL and Mittal Energy Investments Pte Ltd.) which can produce and market three grades of Bitumen namely: VG10, VG30 and VG40. Its major application is in airport runway constructions. HPCL also provides various types of Bitumen:

  • Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) manufactured by HINCOL, a Joint Venture of HPCL with COLAS SA
  • Bitumen Emulsion is manufactured by HINCOL, a Joint Venture of HPCL with COLAS SA

For more information, view the HP Bitumen Handbook (1.25 MB)

Quality Control: A Rigorous Quality Control Mechanism whereby Bitumen is tested as per BIS requirements, and Test reports provided to the customers.

Marketing: A Nationwide Network of marketing offices and supply locations thus ensuring efficient distribution of the product at locations closer to the customer. Bitumen is supplied in Bulk and Packed forms.

  • BULK BITUMEN: Supplied from Mumbai Refinery, Visakh Refinery, Bathinda, Haldia, Savli (near Vadodara), Hazira (near Surat), Chennai, Jhansi, Mangalore and Bahadurgarh.
  • PACKED BITUMEN: Supplied from HPCL depot spread across the country. Various locations where packed Bitumen available is marked on the bitumen location map (212 KB) for easy viewing.

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