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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is identified as one of the alternative fuels to regular liquid petroleum fuels. LPG, a mix of propane and butane, remains liquefied under normal ambient temperature and moderate pressure. It is a safe, clean-burning, reliable, high calorific value fuel. It is a cleaner automotive transport fuel than traditional fuels like Petrol and Diesel. It is one of the lowest polluting fuels available in the country today. Auto LPG is playing a major role in India’s transition from traditional fuel sources to more efficient and cleaner fuels.

Advantage of using HPC Auto LPG

  • HPC is amongst the pioneer in the Auto LPG sector in India with setting up Auto LPG Stations in the city of Delhi & Mumbai in the year 2002 with all necessary safety standards approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) and Oil Industry Safety Directorate ( OISD).
  • HPC supplies Auto LPG confirming to BIS 14861.
  • HPC is having more than 110 operating Auto LPG Stations spread across 62 cities.
  • Environmentally friendly fuel, with minimal sulphur content and sulphur- free emissions.
  • As the Auto LPG rates are nearly half of the petrol rates, there is huge saving ( More than 40%) on account of conversion to Auto LPG.
  • Since Auto LPG is filled as a liquid in the tank, the filling times are low as compared to other Gaseous fuel.

HP Auto LPG helps in contributing to keeping the surrounding environment green and earth safe from harmful emissions. It not only reduces fuel expenses but also enhances engine life with improved pickup and mileage.