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Alert regarding Fake Websites

Alert regarding Fake Websites:

It has come to our notice that various fake websites/emails are inviting online applications for appointment of LPG and Retail Outlet dealerships or recruitments/data entry jobs at HPCL. Please note, we have not authorised any website to deal on our behalf.

Notice for Fake Website: Retail (157 KB)PDF FileOpens in a new window

Notice for Fake Website: LPG (450 KB)PDF FileOpens in a new window

Beware of the following fake email ids:

  • hpcl[dot]in[dot]co[at]gmail[dot]com (Data Entry Recruitment Fraud)
  • info[at]lpgvitrakchayanweb[dot]in

Beware of following fake websites:

  • https://kskdealerchayan.com/
  • bajajgas.com/index
  • hindustanbiofuel.in
  • petrolpumpchayanonline.com
  • dealerchayanpetrolpump.in
  • petrolpumpdealarchayan.com
  • petrolpumpsdealerchayan.co.in
  • petrolpumpdealershipchayan.org.in
  • petrolpumpdealerchayangov.in
  • petrolpumpdealership.info
  • petrolpumpsdealershipchayan.in
  • allindiagasdealership.com
  • hindustanpetroleum.online
  • hindustanpetroleumcorp.com
  • hpcldelership.com
  • ujjwalalpgvitarak.org
  • ujjwaladealership.com
  • lpgvitrakkendra.com
  • kissansevakendra.org
  • lpgvitarakchayanltd.org
  • petrolpumpdelerchayan.in
  • petrolpumpdealerschayan.in
  • petrolepumpsdelearchayan.in
  • kissansevakendra.org
  • petrolpumpdealerchayanpro.com
  • petrolpumchayanweb.com
  • onlinepetrolpumpdealerchayan.com/