HP Finit


HP FINIT is a household insecticide, very effective in knocking down & killing both flying and crawling insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, mites, mosquito, its larvae, Silverfish etc.

HP FINIT has its origins in the Standard Vacuum days of HPCL when it was marketed as FLIT. FLIT was initially imported; HP FINIT is now manufactured in HPCL’s modern Plants in India.

HPCL has relaunched HP FINIT with a new formulation and better power while remaining environmental friendly.

HP FINIT now comes in the following packages:

  • HP FINIT STRONG: Aerosol Spray

    (CRAWLING INSECT KILLER) 250ml. (New Formulation: Imiprothrin 0.07 % (w/w) + Cypermethrin(74 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window 0.2 % (w/w))

    HP FINIT Aerosol Spray

    (MULTI INSECT KILLER) 320 ml (Pyrethrum 0.05%, Malathion(23 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window 1.0%)(With NATURAL ingredients) [HP FINIT Aerosol Spray]

    HP FINIT Liquid

    (MULTI INSECT KILLER) in cans of 5 Litre, 1 Litre and ½ Litre (Pyrethrum(43 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window 0.05%, Malathion 1.0%)

For Queries/Complaints, please contact:
Toll Free: 18001214725
Email: lubescare@hpcl.in

For more details please contact:
Product Manager-FINIT
Tel: (022) 22637226
Mob: 9867758034

*HP FINIT is an insecticide Space spray, registered with Govt of India, Trade mark Registry with Mark no. 301154 in class 5 & Bureau of Indian Standards under IS 1824:1978 and the registration number is CML 2121426.