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Information Systems


This department is responsible for creating the collaborative IT environment that helps us succeed.

The different roles and functions are given below:


Our developers possess excellence in software development for in-house development of different IT enabled systems. Their creative thinking, people skills, and end-to-end view of how the company operates to help us solve unique problems as well as de-bug any existing systems.

Network and Infrastructure

At all locations of HPCL, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial. The Network & Infrastructure departments ensures continuous infrastructural support and flawless communication.


The shields of the organization from an IT perspective is our Security team. They are responsible for designing and deploying the security policy so that the affairs of the company can be carried out in a secure way.


Any organization requires extensive planning and monitoring of its operations as well as knowledge of existing resources. Our ERP professionals work on the modules of the software required for this and on any modification required in it. They also train employees in the use of the software and are responsible that this process happens smoothly.

IT Facilities

Employees working here have strong backgrounds in IT and Allied fields. They are skilled in hands-on work and making sure everything is functional. Licensing, procuring, installing and maintaining the different hardware and software systems is an important area of work

IT Business Partners

Our IT Business Partners work in close liaison with their business units and IT team. They ensure strong and robust IT services are available for their respective business units like Refinery, LPG, Retail etc. Bridging technology gaps with their business specific initiatives, makes them the lifeline for all their stakeholders.