Non-PDS (White) SKO


Guidelines for Sale of Non-PDS (White) SKO to Parallel Marketers / Industries


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Govt. of India in exercise of powers conferred under section 3 of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (10 of 1955) have amended the Kerosene (Restriction on Use and Fixation of Ceiling Price) Order, 1993 vide Gazette Notification 41 E dated 19.01.2015 G.S.R. 41(E) with a view to scale up availability of Non PDS (White) SKO to general Public. Consequent to changes made in Kerosene (Restriction on Use and Fixation of Ceiling Price) Amendment Order, 2015, the revised guidelines for sale of Non PDS (White) SKO is listed hereunder. Interested Parallel Marketeers and Industrial Customers are advised to carefully peruse the above Acts/Orders and all amendments therein for strict compliance.

Parallel Marketeers / Industrial Customers:

  1. SKO is used in many Industrial applications like heating, cleaning, lighting, cooking, drying, thinner, etc. However, use of SKO as a fuel or fuel additive in motor vehicles is prohibited.
  2. Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketeer shall place an indent for a tanker load by remitting advance payment in the form of a Demand Draft/RTGS favouring Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.
  3. Supplies shall be made on ex-MI (Main Installation) basis only and Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketer shall have to arrange a Tank Truck in good condition for the safe carriage of cargo in compliance with relevant laws.
  4. Supplies shall be made at rates applicable for Non-PDS SKO customers. Price and Statutory levies as applicable and ruling on the date of supply shall be charged. Invoice will be made in the name of Industrial Customer/Parallel Marketer only.
  5. Parallel Marketeers should submit the KYC Form as per Annexure-I PDF File Opens in a new window and indemnity bond as per Annexure-II PDF File Opens in a new windowon one time basis. Similarly Industrial Customer should submit KYC Form as per Annexure-III PDF File Opens in a new window and indemnity bond as per Annexure-IV PDF File Opens in a new window separately on one time basis.
  6. HPCL reserves the right to amend these guidelines from time to time as appropriate