Refineries History


Mumbai Refinery

Mumbai Refinery With an installed capacity of 7.5 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MMTPA), HPCL’s Mumbai Refinery is one of the most complex Refineries in the country. Commissioned in 1954 by the erstwhile ESSO, this versatile refinery is the first of India’s modern refineries. The Mumbai Refinery complex is spread over an area of 321 acres and comprises of a Fuels Refinery as well as a Lube Refinery.

This Refinery initially started as a Fuels Refinery with crude processing capacity of 1.25 MMTPA. Over the years, the expansion of Mumbai Refinery has brought its capacity to 7.5 MMTPA.

In 1974, the Government of India took over the operations of ESSO in India and created HPCL as a Public Sector Enterprise.

Mumbai Refinery was upgraded to to produce BSVI compliant transportation fuels.

Visakh Refinery

Visakh Refinery The Visakhapatnam Refinery was commissioned in 1956 as Caltex Oil Refining India Ltd. (CORIL). This was the first oil refinery on the east coast of India and the first major industry in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. CORIL was taken over by the Government of India and merged with Hindustan Petroleum in 1978.

Starting with a modest installed capacity of 0.65 MMTPA, the refinery has been expanded in phases to 8.3 MMTPA. Visakh Refinery is a Fuels based refinery generating major products of mass consumption like petrol, diesel and kerosene. The refinery has a flexibility to process a wide range of crude oils procured across the globe and ranging from non- bituminous to bituminous and Lube bearing crude oils.

The Refinery has a dedicated captive power plant to meet it's energy requirements and has consciously followed a policy of giving the highest priority to energy conservation in all its activities.

Visakh Refinery was upgraded to produce BSVI compliant transportation fuels.

LUBES Refinery

Visakh RefineryThe Lube Refinery was commissioned in 1969 as a joint venture between ESSO & Government of India with a capacity of 1,65,000 Tonnes of Lubricating Oil Base Stocks. Subsequently, the joint venture, Lube India Ltd. was taken over by Government of India and merged with HPCL. With the demand for Lube Oil Base Stocks going up further, a second Vacuum Distillation Unit was started in 1977. A further de-bottlenecking and expansion increased the capacity to 4,28,000 Tonnes per annum. Today it is the largest lubricating oil refinery in India accounting for over 40% of the installed capacity in the country.