Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is a Maharatna CPSE with Annual Gross Sales of US $ 42 Billion during FY 2018-19. HPCL has a strong presence in Refining & Marketing of petroleum products in the country.

HPCL owns and operates Refineries at Mumbai & Visakhapatnam with design capacities of 7.5 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MMTPA) & 8.3 MMTPA respectively. HPCL also owns the largest Lube Refinery in the country at Mumbai for producing Lube Oil Base Stocks with a capacity of 428 Thousand Metric Tonnes Per Annum (TMTPA).

HPCL has a vast marketing network consisting of 21 Zonal offices in major cities and 133 Regional Offices facilitated by a Supply & Distribution infrastructure comprising 42 Terminals, 43 Aviation Service Stations, 49 LPG Bottling Plants, 6 Lube Blending plants, 41 Inland Relay Depots and 27 Exclusive Lube Depots.

HPCL is currently operating pipeline network of 3,370 Km with mainline capacity of 24.93 MMTPA & branch line capacity of 11.07 MMTPA. In 2018-19, HPCL has recorded the highest ever pipeline throughput of 24.93 MMT.

HPCL is committed to conducting business with an objective of preserving the environment, sustainable development, being a safe work place and enrichment of the quality of life of employees, customers and the community.