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Majority of our engineers work in disciplines that include mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, and instrumentation engineering, among others. Engineering, at HPCL is a broad field, there are many engineering jobs across all business units and departments. Broadly, they can be classified as:

Project Engineer:

Whether is it a LPG plant, Refinery, Terminal or a pipeline, our project engineers bridge the boundaries between engineering and project management. They identify the project elements, completion stages and lead the workmen at the site to achieve project objectives. Through procurements, inspections, monitoring and supervision of activities, they ensure safety & quality work at sites.

Operations Engineer:

By following regulatory-based best practices and by use of an in-house optimized logistic assistant tool our Operations Engineers ensure timely supplies of products to our customers. They oversee operational systems, processes, and infrastructure at our state of the art facilities like Refinery, LPG, Aviation, Terminals, Depots etc. Not only do they look for opportunities of improvement they tracks operational and tactical risks and provide strategic solutions.

Maintenance Engineer:

If you like to trouble shoot problems and fix things and have got the engineering mindset, you might want to consider a career as a Maintenance Engineer. Our machinery, equipment and critical systems operate on 24 X 7 basis. Our engineers are required to provide quality service in a timely manner to any issues which arise within our various facilities. Our Maintenance Engineers work in Refineries, LPG Plants, Projects, Aviation, Operations & Distribution business units and oversee numerous automation facilities using some of the best maintenance management practices in the Industry

Safety Engineer:

For a Safety Officer in a perilous industry, it is essential to identify any unsafe and hazardous condition, conduct site inspections, night inspections, mock drills, safety logs reporting, audit visits & compliance and risk analysis. Thus, our Safety Officers are required to meet necessary qualification and fitness norms.

Industrial Engineer:

To maximize efficiency, our Industrial engineers scientifically study the processes at all our location. Through business process reengineering practices, they identify synergies and develop norms for predicting optimum manpower, modelling process flows and designing organisation structure.

Procurement Engineer:

In order to accomplish the primary goal of procuring technical equipment for industrial operations, our Procurement Engineers develop, implement and drive cost-effective procurement strategies. They understand business needs, manage suppliers, negotiate prices and award contracts.