Labour Standards


1. Upholding the freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to colective Bargaining

The Global Compact, We Support

  • Freedom of association is available to all 10,538 employees.
  • Established policies and practices through which the collectives exercise the freedom of collective bargaining on issues of common interest.
  • Bilateral discussions with the Unions representing the collectives by way of signing the Long Term Settlements for salaries, wages and perks, and settlements for career progression of collectives, etc.
  • Regular meetings held with the Representatives of recognized unions for rationalization of manpower, monthly targets, material & inventory maintenance, review of storage facilities, housekeeping, quality improvements, shift schedules and information sharing which has yielded good results.
  • Believes and recognizes the right of the employees to know about their organization. Senior management, from time to time, share the details of the prevailing business environment, Organization performance, growth strategies and future business plans with the collectives through various meetings with the Office Bearers of the Unions and also through various communications in the form of circulars, etc.
  • Co-created a vision for the Corporation, where the Representatives of the collectives were also involved.

2. Support the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour

  • Firmly believes in voluntary labour and abides by the Govt. Laws in this regard i.e. ‘Abolition of Bonded Labour Act, 1976.
  • Does not support forced or compulsory labour in any form and adheres to all labour laws in this respect.
  • Inbuilt systems & procedures to ensure the payment of not less than minimum wages and other benefits provided under various Laws to the Contract Labour.

3. Support effective abolition of child labour

  • Not engaging any person below the age of 18 years as direct employee or even as a Contract Labour, as per Recruitment Policy.
  • Not buying products / services from Industries deploying child labour.

4. Promotes elimination of discrimination in respect of employment

As an equal opportunity employer, our policies are aimed at ensuring equal opportunities to all the citizens in employment and avoiding discrimination on any ground such as caste, colour, gender, religion, etc. thus providing equal opportunities of employment to all citizens of India.

  • Follows the Presidential Directives / Govt. Instructions with Regard to reservation for Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes / Other Backward Classes and Physically Handicapped, scrupulously.
  • Employed maximum women employees in administrative offices, their percentage as compared to total employees being about 8.32%. Being a Hydro Carbon industry, women cannot be employed in Refineries and marketing operations due to hazardous nature of jobs.