Human Rights


The Global Compact, We SupportWe have initiated the following actions in support of our commitment to the Human Rights Principles of Global Compact:

1. Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights

  • Continued subscribing to internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Endeavored to protect human lives by deploying state-of-the-art-technology, despite dealing with hazardous processes / products.
  • Regular maintenance of equipment is taken up for safety & security of the employees and the inhabitants living in surrounding areas.
  • Imparted extensive training to employees and contract employees on ‘Safety management’ and ‘Hazardous Processes management’.

2. Ensure that the organization is not complicit in human rights abuses

We conform to Human Rights principles and have ensured that no violation has occurred during the year. In this regard, We have:

  • An approved policy for handling grievances of employees, shareholders and customers. Issues raised by other stakeholders such as Contractors, Dealers, Vendors and surrounding villagers and public are attended to promptly.
  • Conduct, Discipline & Appeal Rules applicable to Management employees and Standing Orders applicable to Non-Management employees, designed to take care of Human rights compliance.