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 HPCL's infrastructure HPCL's infrastructure is at par with that of the best global corporations in the hydrocarbons sector.

For over a quarter century now, HPCL has been consistently breaking new grounds in production and marketing. A glimpse of the vast marketing network already developed is given below in a table.

Our Marketing Network :

Marketing Network (Nos) 31-03-2016 31-03-2015 31-03-2014 31-03-2013 31-03-2012
Regional Offices 106 100 100 101 101
Terminals/Installations/TOPs 37 36 35 34 33
Depots (including exclusive lube depots) 73 91 90 90 90
LPG Bottling Plants 46 45 46 45 45
ASFs 37 35 35 35 34
Retail Outlets 13,802 13,233 12,869 12,173 11,253
SKO/LDO Dealers 1,638 1,638 1,638 1,638 1,638
LPG Distributors 4,278 3,952 3,506 3,194 2,897
LPG Customers (in crores) 5.29 4.77 4.37 3.99 3.62

(Data as of 30th Sept 2015)

The strengthening of the marketing network over the years has lead to dominance in the market reflected in its growth and leading to best quality of service.

HPCL was one of the first companies to understand the nation's energy requirements and take necessary measures to fulfill the expectations. Its increasing infrastructure facilities are due to the successful realization of set targets and sustained quality of service and customer relations.

HPCL presently owns and operates two coastal refineries at Mumbai and Visakhapatnam along with a joint venture refinery at Mangalore & another Refinery of 9 MMTPA in Bhatinda, Punjab by HMEL, a Joint Venture with Mittal Energy Investments Pte. Ltd. A massive infrastructure comprising six Cross Country Pipelines having a thruput of 23.57 MMTPA, an extensive network of terminals, depots, LPG Bottling plants, Lube Filling Plants and Aviation Service Facilities (ASF) contributes to India's growth every year.

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