Health, Safety & Environment


Mission & HSE Policy


To have safe, healthy and pollution free environment in and around all our refineries, plants, facilities and other premises at all times; instill awareness in these areas, including relevant laws, in all employees, their families and the communities in which we carry out our activities.


Environment Policy

The Corporation is committed to conduct its operation in such a manner as compatible with environment and economic development of the community. Its aim is to create an awareness and respect for the environment, stressing on every employee’s involvement in environmental improvement by ensuring healthy operating practices, philosophy and training.

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Health Policy

To provide a structured program to look after and promote the health of Human Resource, essential for productivity and effectiveness of the Corporation.


Safety Policy

As an integral part of its business, HPCL believes that no work or service or activity is so important or urgent that safety be overlooked or compromised. Safety of the employees and public, protection of their as well as Corporation’s assets shall be paramount. Corporation considers that safety is one of the important tools to enhance productivity and to reduce National losses. The Corporation will constantly endeavour to achieve and maintain high standards of Safety in its operations.


Sustainable Development Policy

Driving Sustainability through People We at HPCL, are committed to achieve the economic, ecological and social responsibility objectives of sustainable development consistently through our varied operations and activities.

We will strive to contribute to sustained overall economic growth by continually improving the efficiency and productivity of our operations. We will execute our business activities in such a way that the ecological balance is not impacted. We will develop and conduct programmes for the community, suitably designed towards building their individual capabilities.


We will:

  • Promote practices for sustainable development amongst our employees, customers, stakeholders and others.
  • Integrate sustainable development objectives and considerations in all our business plans.
  • Deploy efficient and clean technologies towards realising minimal impact on environment.
  • Develop and implement good practices for optimal usage of natural resources.
  • Continuously monitor and control our activities to minimise carbon footprint.
  • Endeavour to provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment to our neighbouring communities, neighbours, customers, consumers and stakeholders.
  • Sustain appropriate development programs for our employees, customers and neighbouring communities.
  • Incorporate customized management systems to monitor and control progress of sustainability development objectives.
  • Remain committed to disseminate information on our sustainability performance.